Bravo BST 800 Battery is an upgraded version of Bravo BST12HP BATT


Excellent for High Pressure Inflatable Floor Boats, Honda, Quicksilver, Wetline Air Ribs and Zodiac Fast Rollers up to 800mb (11.6PSI)


Supplied as standard with a 7ah rechargeable battery which when fully charged will allow for approx 15 mins of operations, this rechargeable battery is charged by a 12V battery (not supplied) through a cigarette lighter adaptor.


Large air flow: 450l/min Automatic: stop when the choosen pressure is reached


Reliable: the combined solution " turbine and piston" allows to eliminate those parts which are subjects to mechanical wear and tear, much more reliable.


More powerfull motor, Motor gear made of brass


Weight: 4.8 Kg


It can inflate and deflate. 

Suitable for all Boats with High Pressure Inflatable Floors

Adjustable pressure up to 800 mbar (11,6 psi)

Supplied with carry bag, hose, 12v cigarette charger & spider adaptor.

21mm ID Hose

Sizes: 30cm x 20cm x 18cm Weight: 5.0KG

Reduced current consumption & higher reliability

Bravo BST 800 Battery Electric Pump

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