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Spring is in the air!

With a beautiful day here on the south coast we could be mistaken that spring is here. OK, I know we are only in February but it won't be long before there is a mad panic to get out on the water. This is the time to get your boat out and make sure it is in good condition for the water. Look at running your outboard up and ensure that you have fresh oil and fuel in it and that all moving parts are lubricated (where necessary). Check all your other safety critical items are in good order, life jackets, radios, lanyards, ropes etc.

If you have been planning to book a powerboat or a VHF radio course, now is the time. These companies get very busy in the height of the season and booking slots get filled very quickly and if you do it now you might even get it discounted!

We will soon be adding to our website the August Race range of boat cleaning and protection products. August Race are multi-award winning manufacturers of marine maintenance products supplying some of the best boat brands.

We have some exciting news regarding the 2019 range and when it will be touching down in the UK. This will be announced soon.....

Spring is coming!

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