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Installing wheels on your Takacat

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Adding wheels to your inflatable is often an essential part of owning a small portable inflatable boat. But after spending your hard earned money on your latest pride of joy the thought of approaching it with a drill can be more than a bit unnerving.

With Takacat's revolutionary open transom design, the drill can remain safely in the tool box for another day.

The Takacat open transom assembly comes complete (as standard) with the brackets to take the wheels. All you need to do is order the Takacat wheels and clip them in.

They make taking your Takacat down the slipway a dream and once you are floating just unclip the wheels and clip in the upright position out of the way until you need them again for the return journey.

Because they completely come away from the transom it makes storing them in the Takacat bag easy.


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